Keyed alike, keyed to differ, stock suite master systems


New redesigned classroom and anti barricade cylinders


Semi or fully restricted completely bespoke master suites

A master key system is a bespoke suite of cylinders designed so that each lock is not only controlled by an individual key, but also by an overall 'master key'. The master key can control all or some of the cylinders in the suite. Master key systems can be expanded to much more complex systems containing 'sub' master keys, grand master keys and common entrances. The diagram to the right shows a sample operation of a master key system.

We do all of our master keying in house, using computer generated systems to design even the most complex of suites. All keys and cylinders are labelled and engraved, meaning that both installation and reordering your system is always an easy and efficient process.

We can master key up to 15 different sub-suites on our bespoke systems as well as supply over 30,000 unique differs.


British Standard 1 Star Joldan Range of certified 1 star cylinders. Both double and cylinder/turn varieties in satin or brass. All cylinders are keyed to differ and are supplied with 3 keys as standard. 

Manufactured and tested to TS007 - Cylinders are Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti-Drill and Anti-Snap.   

KM: 610951       

BS EN 1303: 2005 16000C62

Classroom Function

The purpose of the classroom cylinder is to provide an extra level of security on lockable doors. The cylinder has a turn on the inside of the door which will only operate in one direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) in order to UNLOCK the door. This prevents occupiers from being accidentally or purposely locked in a room. The key will always operate the lock from the outside, being able to lock and unlock. This is often used in a classroom to avoid a situation where children lock the door from the inside of the classroom, requiring a key to come and unlock the door from the outside. There is no way of locking the door from the inside so this cannot happen. The clutch release mechanism ensures that somebody in the room cannot prevent a keyholder from entering.


The anti barricade clutch thumbturns were designed with secure accommodation and the health sector in mind. These products offer a level of privacy to end users whilst maintaining their safety and security. Anti barricade cylinders enable a door to be locked with the thumbturn from the inside of a room, however should somebody need to get in to the room from the outside they are able to override the locking mechanism with the key even if it is being held from the inside. This works insomuch as if the client attempts to grip the thumbturn to prevent staff operating the lock from the other side, the sprung clutch mechanism releases once the key is entered and allows the key to turn.